The in-between

cups 5 6 2016 cups 3 6 2016

I bet many artists suffer from this affliction… The In-Betweens. Those times in which it’s not exactly practical or economical to be in the studio, but art making seems necessary. Napkin doodles, random constructions with leaves and twigs, sketches on the porch, finding faces in rocks. If I am at home and have downtime, I love to set up my temporary work mat in front of a great movie and sort of have two wonderful things going at once…the lovely cinematic/claywork combo.

I’ve found these times to be super productive in developing ideas or maquettes, experimenting with facial expressions/ gestures, or just going down a road that is rather familiar or therapeutic. For me, lots of times that means little cups. I love the instant satisfaction of pinch potting (new verb!), and making these little guys is pure fun. This batch I did whilst pretty ill back in February, and they are headed to The Almost Circle Gallery in Biloxi, Mississippi. This is a cozy and contemporary space led by a creative team of dear friends, and if you might be interested in checking out their space or seeing/purchasing some of these dudes in person, please check out their new website: Opening reception for this work, along with several sculptures and many other fabulous regional artists will be July 1, 2016 at 5:00pm.